Content Professor APIWelcome to the ContentProfessor API Center

The ContentProfessor API Center is where users can access webservices APIs to build their own ContentProfessor applications. Creative companies and users can build apps, incorporate ContentProfessor in their application and integrate ContentProfessor features with their websites or management systems to meet their company's business needs


What can users do?

Content Professor API is available for all free and pro members of Content Professor. Best of all, it is 100% FREE to query the API. However, there are some limitations for free and pro members. While Pro members can use up to 250 queries to the API per day, free members are limited up to 25 queries per day.

How does everything work?

  1. First, you pass the username and password to Content Professor's API, and a new session id is generated. A session id will guarantee authorized access.
  2. Next, you will pass the session id into the API and use for each call to get or include synonyms on the text you wish to query. Of course, you can perform this action with the optional variables provided.
  3. Finally, the API will return a text in spin format (ex: {}).

For more information on how to use the API, please visit the link below:

Note: You must sign up for an account first before accessing any API page links. Moreover, CP Standard account should allow access to PRO members API.


You will be presented with full documentation of the API.

Note: By using the get_project and get_projects_ids method, users can fetch saved projects by entering their project's id. In other words, each article spun and saved at Content Professor can be easily obtained from the API and placed right into your favorite application.


We will continuously release more APIs, update existing ones, and feature applications developed using the ContentProfessor APIs.

If there is something that you would like to see and we do not yet offer, let us know in the feedback forums or drop us a line at

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